Events are initially set up to provide active, fun, innovative resourceful information to the children and young adults in an entertaining perspective so that all information would be grasped. Each event serves an overall purpose pertaining to fitness, health, education, responsibility, morals, life-lessons, jobs, legality, and various other topics. It is also to remind all children that they shape our future, and to realize the power they have. RYF must show these children positivity, prosperity, and encouragement so they know they are a very important aspect in society. The events are also to re-enforce the children that each day of life is worth living, while reminding them that the future, the decisions, and impact they choose to make out of life, have a reflect on there life. All events are entertaining, as well as informational.

RYF Events

Keep posted on our website news page for when these events are hosted throughout the year:

  • After-School Programs (RYF-ASP & HANP)
  • Summer Camps
  • Just “Schooling” (Back to school event)
  • Carnival Connections (Spring break event)
  • Fun in the Sun (End of school year event)
  • Community Clean Up
  • Go Graduates (Recognition for the RYF Graduates)
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Holiday Hopes (December Holiday Toy Drive)

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